Education helps to improve your way of living. That’s because better education can help to increase your wage earning capacity.

But more than money is the job satisfaction, of achieving your personal goals in the industry that you love. Everyone is different – different interests, talents and skills.

Here’s some tips from us to help you identify the right career path for you:

1. Consider your interests.

We develop interests and hobbies in areas we enjoy. We tend to naturally migrate into them without much thought. Identifying interests and hobbies (or certain skills relating to them) that relate to a career can assist you find a career you’ll enjoy.

2. Consider what you enjoyed at school. 

What subjects did you enjoy most at school? Did you enjoy Maths or English more? This can assist identify your strengths, which in turn often reflects what you enjoy more.

3. Consider your skills, abilities and personality.

Your personality can impact on how well you perform and how much you enjoy your work. For instance, are you more outgoing or conservative; analytical or unsystematic; detailed or inexact; adventurous or cautious; conforming or independent?

Likewise, the skills and abilities you possess now can be a reflection of what you enjoy doing. We tend to build our abilities in areas we enjoy. So reflecting on your skills and abilities can help you identify what you like – and don’t like – doing.

4. Consider your objectives – personal, security, financial.

Do you have a goal or objectives relating to income or job security? If you do, this can assist identify a career for you. But remember, if you focus just on money you may end up in a career that is financially rewarding, but not personally fulfilling. If possible, you want to find a reasonable and acceptable balance.